Where it all Began

Welcome to the #VanaNaturals family!

Here, you can shop securely for our high performance natural and organic hair care products designed especially for all curly hair types and textures. Our products will benefit anyone who is conscious about using safe, non-toxic ingredients on their hair and skin.

The VanaNaturals story has been defined by a belief that life is a constant journey of growing and refining and learning. This is the journey of Stephanie, a Kenyan-born CLEAN BEAUTY entrepreneur, who needed to find a nourishing natural and organic alternative to care for her daughter's natural curls.


This desire to use pure, safe ingredients led to the creation of our signature product, a luxurious, ultra-nourishing, delicious-smelling, triple-whipped Shea and mango seed butter! 

Founded in 2018, the VanaNaturals was created with a commitment to natural, clean living. Stephanie's Kenyan, farm-style upbringing nurtured a unique appreciation for the amazing benefits of living a life in partnership with, and, conscious of, one's natural environment. 

Since moving to South Africa in 2004, Stephanie's love and respect for the power of natural, botanical ingredients to amplify a healthier alternative to hair and skin care led to a close working partnership with an organic cosmetic formulator. Together, they formulated the beautiful #VanaMakeMeCollection, highlighting the benefits of hibiscus extract, aloe vera, argan oil, avocado oil, inulin, squalane and a host of other nutrient rich ingredients.  

All our ingredients are rigorously and ethically sourced and are only tested on humans.

Their 'kind' nature is less likely to cause irritations and are therefore safe for the whole family.