Vana Hair: Everything Butter's Coconut Oil

One of the star ingredients in VanaNaturals' Everything Butter is organic coconut oil. Coconuts are one of those super type foods that are packed with deliciousness and nutrition for both the inside and outside of our bodies.

On a recent trip to the East African coastal town of Dar es Salaam, I was reminded of how magnificent, coconut palm trees yield tasty nutritious fruits which, for centuries, have been used in a variety of ways because of their health benefits!

The very first time I watched a Swahili woman grate a ripe coconut on a mbuzi ~ a traditional coastal East African implement used to scrape the flesh from the coconut ~ I was amazed at how the soft, fluffy, white flakes fell from the whole coconut into a container and was squeezed for it's potassium and calcium rich milk. The sweet aroma lingered in my nostrils and stayed with me even as the coconut rice that was cooked with it was set before me.

That beautiful memory has formed part of the love affair I have with natural ingredients. The idea that a tree will grow, it's fruit will be picked, it's water will be drank, it's flesh will be eaten and it's husks will be used to stoke a fire inspire me!

Why should you add coconut-oil-rich-Everything-Butter to your body moisturiser, hair deep conditioner, hair masque or regular conditioner?

• It has properties that allow the oil to easily absorb into your hair and skin, keeping them extra moisturised and amping up the hydration you've worked so hard to achieve!

• It may help reduce inflammation.

• It can help protect your skin from harmful bacteria and help heal wounds.

• the main fatty acid in coconut oil, lauric acid, can penetrate the hair shaft in a unique way, and help reduce protein loss from hair, keeping the strands strengthened for longer!

• It smells like a delectable edible treat from heaven!

So go ahead and add a spoonful of Vana's Everything Butter to your deep conditioners, enjoy the benefits and let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram!

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