A Toast From Me To You

Hi VanaBae Fam,

In June 2022, my life changed dramatically. My family and I decided to move to Kenya. This was an answered prayer following many years of searching and waiting on God to guide our next move. I had no plan for VanaNaturals or what would happen to her when Nairobi became our new home. So, I decided to continue with the business and have our products fulfilled by a third party.

In January 2023 we moved, and in the last 7 months I have experienced one of the hardest seasons of my life. I have battled physical health challenges as well as mental health challenges. The attacks were fast and furious and it took me out.

 It’s taken a very deep belief in the hope that God gives and in the person He has created me to be in order to rise above the challenges. The journey is not yet over, but I am strong and present and ready to step into the next season.

For now, VanaNaturals is here and I don’t know what it will look like in 2024. So, as I take pause to re-evaluate, I salute you, my VanaBae Family, and remind you to enjoy the current 50% off SALE on everything on our website at www.vananaturals.co.za!


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